Energy Savings for Grocery Stores

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Summer is in full swing here and like most of the U.S., we’ve been through a long heat wave (which has thankfully abated). With the high temperatures come high electric bills to keep our homes and businesses cool. Upon hearing the news of the massive power outages in India, we felt it was a good time to revisit one of our energy saving products with a very “efficient” ROI. Eliason’s Econo-Cover® night shades have been proven to save energy day after day, and can also prolong food shelf life during brief power outages.

A few years ago (2009 to be exact), Eliason Corporation put its Econo-Cover® Night Shades to the test.  We commissioned Western Michigan University to conduct an independent study comparing the Eliason Econo-Cover® to the aluminum woven shades offered by the competition.  Not surprisingly, both products generated an energy savings of approximately 23%, which is very substantial considering today’s high cost of energy.  However, the Eliason Econo-Cover® significantly outperformed the competition in two other key areas.

First, the refrigerated cases with the Econo-Covers® installed experienced fewer fluctuations in case temperature.   We attribute this to the fact that aluminum is a better thermal conductor than the specially formulated material used to create the Econo-Cover®.  The other area where the Econo-Cover® excelled was in the ROI department.  At a cost that is about half that of the woven aluminum shades, Eliason Econo-Covers® pay for themselves in approximately two years compared to the ten years that is takes to pay for the cost of the more expensive aluminum units.  Econo-Covers® also help to extend product shelf life by helping to maintain a more constant case temperature.

Obviously, since night shades (also known as night curtains) are used only when the store is closed, 24 hour stores are not going to see these energy saving benefits.  However, there is one other potential benefit to consider.  In the event of a power outage, you can maintain an acceptable case temperature for several hours by simply pulling down your Econo-Covers®.  This means that you won’t have to unload and then reload product into your refrigerated cases when the power goes out for up to three hours.

The results of the study conducted by Western Michigan University are available by request.  We were not surprised by the outcome of the study as we have been successfully installing Econo-Covers® in stores for years.  If you want to be pleasantly surprised, install Eliason Econo-Covers® on your refrigerated cases and watch your energy consumption drop.  Or, just order yourself some peace of mind before the next power outage.

Give is a call toll free at 800-828-3655 or email us for more information & specs at [email protected] While you’re here, check out our Energy Savings Calculator (below) to see how much you could be saving.


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