CF-9000 The Durable Beauty

We’ve written before about our CF-9000 door, and since we’ve had a lot of interest, thought a post on what makes them so durable (and why they are better than other door options) was warranted.


Made entirely from composite fiberglass materials, these doors are the best choice for interior and exterior applications where moisture, harsh chemicals, or frequent cleaning are faced. Structural pultruded fiberglass components are permanently bonded to FRP face sheets and the interior core material. Since the door panel is seamless, CF-9000 doors cannot rot or corrode (unlike hollow metal doors). Additionally, the entire panel is extremely strong and able to resist many impacts that would damage other door types.
CF-9000 Diagram
These doors come standard with a foam core for the best insulating value. We also offer them with several other cores, including a fire-rated mineral core for fire rated applications (the CFR-9000, available with 20/45/60/90 minute ratings). We’re so confident in their quality that all Eliason CF-9000 doors have a lifetime warranty against failure due to corrosion.

Tough ≠ Ugly

Just because these doors are tough, does not mean they are ugly. The CF-9000 exterior finish is a beautiful gel coat offered in either satin or a fine pebble texture. This finish is extremely resilient and easy to maintain, keeping your building’s good looks intact for years to come. No more unsightly, rusting doors and frames.

Many Options

A variety of hardware options are available to suit your building style and requirements, such as push/pull and panic devices, continuous or mortise hinges, closers and so forth. We even offer a microbial finish on certain hardware!

CF9000 V3.indd
CF9000 V3.indd

Other options include transom panels, louvers, and many window sizes and types (lexan, laminated and tempered glass, just to name a few). For the ultimate convenience, CF-9000 doors can be automated with the Tormax iMotion®1301 swing door operator.

Swing Door Arm

Ultimate Toughness
For the ultimate in toughness, we also offer the FSR-9000 Storm Rated Door and Frame. These have been developed for installations in high wind coastal applications, and as such, have received the Florida Building Code (FBC) approval. Contact us for more information on this one!

As always, feel free to reach out to us via Facebook, Twitter, or good old fashioned email or phone (800-828-3655).

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  1. Jean Park says:

    This is so amazing! I really like this. So perfect. Fire safety matters a lot since we all know that fire emergencies do not give prior notice at all. The use of fire rated doors is indeed beneficial especially when it comes to fire protection and safety. This kind of door is absolutely important for homes and establishments since this is uniquely made with materials that resist fire. This type of door reduces the spread of fire or smoke during fire emergencies.

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