Why Order Eliason Predrilled Frames?

Eliason is known for making some of the industry’s best traffic doors, but did you know you can also purchase pre-drilled frames that fit your new door perfectly? That’s right, we offer a variety of door frames that make the installation of your new door a snap!

Let’s explore the different types of frames we offer:
Frame Image
Flush Hollow Metal Frames (for Drywall and Masonry)
Flush Hollow Metal frames are typically used in non-industrial settings such as retail and restaurant applications. They are not structural and are installed within the existing rough opening, wrapping around the structural framing to provide a clean, finished appearance. They feature pre-drilled holes for securing the frame and for the hardware that comes with your new door, so installation is very quick and easy.

C-Channel Frames

C-Channel frames wrap around the rough opening (similar to our flush hollow frames), but are a stronger frame which is ideal for use in grocery stores or light industrial settings where the door will be subjected to frequent cart and wheeled traffic. In addition to securing to the rough opening, they also secure to the floor for increased stability.

Structural Tube Frames
Structural Tube frames are the strongest frames we offer, and are ideal for our heavy duty doors which are subjected to frequent forklift or motorized pallet jack traffic. As the name implies, they are structural and can be used as a standalone frame where there isn’t a clean rough opening to attach to. Other times, customers will use these to fit inside an existing finished brick opening where they want to add a door.

Fiberglass Frames

Fiberglass frames are designed to work with our FRP doors to provide a clean, finished frame opening that is as durable and corrosion-resistant as the door itself. It cannot rust or corrode, is easy to clean and is strong and resilient to the elements.

Why Order Frames with Your Eliason Door?
Convenience: the frames come with the door, so all your supplies arrive in one shipment, from one vendor.
Perfect fit: the frames are built to fit your opening and door specifications, and they are reinforced at hinge locations, so you know they will fit and work well together for the long haul.
Installation speed: since the frames are predrilled to fit your specific door hardware, much of the work is already done for your installer. They frames and doors install quickly and easily, saving time in the field. With multiple doors, this can add up to substantial labor savings while minimizing the risk of fit errors.
– Our frames can provide a new, clean, finished look to your opening.

Eliason pre-drilled frames provide you with the cleanest, fastest installation possible, saving time and money. When you order your door with a new Eliason frame, you’ll know everything fits as it’s meant to. If you have any questions about which frame is best for your circumstances, please leave us a comment here, reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, or give one of our helpful advisers a call at 800-828-3655.

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