Eliason NSF Certified Doors

It’s no surprise that restaurants and commercial food service facilities need products that help their facilities meet health codes and are easily cleaned. One of the things buyers and specifiers frequently look for on these products is NSF certification. NSF helps to certify that food-service products meet specific sanitation requirements, including material safety, design and construction, and overall product performance. These guidelines establish minimum sanitation standards which help prevent the spread of illness and make sure that materials aren’t leeching chemicals into food.

NSF Blue 200x200

Eliason offers several doors that are available with NSF-certification, so that buyers know they are getting the performance they need. These doors are frequently used in restaurant and related food industries, especially cooler/freezer applications. We also offer some heavy duty doors that are ideal for industrial food processing facilities needing NSF-listed traffic doors.

An important thing to know is that if you need an NSF-listed model, it needs to be specifically ordered that way.
We actually add a few steps to the manufacturing process for our NSF-certified doors.

You see, for sanitary purposes, NSF requires any gaps or areas of exposed door core to be sealed. For example, in the corners where the stainless steel meets on our FCG-3N door, there is a small gap that is filled in with silicone. Other typical locations that are sealed are the bottom edge of certain models, and the cutout where the door hardware is attached. Any exposure in this area isn’t normally seen because the hardware cover hides everything, but on an NSF-listed model these exposed surfaces would be capped as well.

Sealed core and corner of an FCG-3N Door

Sealed core and corner of an FCG-3N Door, click for larger image.

Here is a quick chart of the Eliason doors that are available with NSF-certification. As you can see, some have specific model numbers, but all you really need to do is let us know that you want your new door to be NSF-certified and customer service will take care of the rest!

Eliason NSF Doors

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