EconoCovers Save Money and Energy

Today we wanted to talk about some unique products Eliason offers to help save money in the Grocery aisle. Do you ever walk more quickly (or get hurried along by children!) through the refrigerated aisles with open coolers due to the colder temperatures? Have you ever stopped to think about how all that energy to keep the food cool is just spilling out into the store?

Granted, many stores are replacing open coolers with more efficient, closed systems as they remodel and upgrade. But there are still many that use the open cooler style, due to either customer and employee convenience or just being low on the priority list for a remodel. Now, think about what happens when the store is closed overnight… does all that cold (and energy) keep spilling out? Not if they use Eliason EconoCovers, which are proven to reduce energy use!


Eliason doors have always been popular in grocery stores, and EconoCovers date back to the early days of Eliason, when we also manufactured walk-in cooler systems. We saw a need and created EconoCovers as a way to keep food fresher, by reducing spoilage from UV light and temperature fluctuations, while saving energy, reducing wear-and-tear on equipment and being cost-efficient. More than 40 years later, they are still an effective solution and typically pay for themselves in a year or less (depending on local electric rates)! They can even reduce the potential for spoilage during a short power outage. You can estimate your own savings by using our handy calculator!

Click to estimate YOUR savings from EconoCovers

Click to estimate YOUR savings from EconoCovers

They are made of a heavy duty, 5-mil polyester film fabric that is hygienic and will not rust or attract dust, dirt, mold or mildew. The fabric is precision-perforated so the material will breathe enough to minimize condensation. EconoCovers are available in clear or opaque colors, and two styles which allow them to easily pull over your open cases and keep cool air inside during the off hours.

Double Action EconoCovers are idea for vertical display cases. Click for full size image.

Double Action EconoCovers are ideal for vertical display cases. Click for full size image.

Double Action covers are designed for use on open front vertical cases, while our Easy Mount covers are designed for use on open top coffin or chest type cases. When the store is open, these night covers quickly roll up and out of the way for easy customer access to the case.

Easy Mount EconoCovers

Easy Mount EconoCovers are ideal for open top coffin or chest coolers.


For more consistant energy savings, we make EconoStrips, which are designed to be installed permanently on the front of a vertical, reach-in case and are uniquely simple and effective in directing cold air flow on cases with open fronts.

EconoStrips allow customers to easily see product and reach in.

EconoStrips allow customers to easily see product and reach in, while providing 24-hour energy savings.

Made of a 7-mil polyester film, EconoStrips minimize refrigeration losses, leading to warmer store aisles and 24-hour product protection. They allow customers to see what is in the case and easily reach in, while still saving energy.

EconoStrips keep the cool air circulating inside your case while allowing customers to see the product.

Both EconoCovers and EconoStrips keep the cool air circulating inside the case where it belongs.

Best of all, EconoCovers and EconoStrips are easily cleaned with mild detergents, are available factory-installed from many refrigeration equipment manufacturers, and are designed to last the life of the case. For more information about either of these products, check out our FAQs page. We offer easy online ordering on the EconoCovers site, but if you have questions, you can always call to place your order (800-828-3655). Please link up with us on your favorite social accounts!

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