How to Measure Your Traffic Door Opening

When ordering your new Eliason traffic door it is important to measure your finished opening. The finished opening is the inside measurements of the door jamb. Eliason’s top notch Customer Service Representatives and Sales Representatives will determine the door size you need based on the door type and clearances you specify.

You will want to measure the height and width of the opening. We recommend you take three measurements for both the height and width of the opening.

For the height, measure from the floor to top of the door opening. Measure the left side, center and right side. Do not worry if all three measurements are not the same, use the smallest/narrowest dimension to ensure the door will fit in the door opening.

For the width, measure from the left jamb to right jamb of the door opening. Be sure to take three measurements, top, center and bottom. Again, do not worry if all three measurements are not the same, use the smallest/narrowest dimension to ensure the door will fit in the door opening.

For more information be sure to watch our instructional video on How to Correctly Measure Your Traffic Door Opening.

Fun Facts about Labor Day

Did you know in the late 19th Century, the average work day for Americans was 12 hours, 7 days a week? Work can be fun, exhilarating, hard and even stressful at times. It’s not only important to enjoy the work you do, but it’s also important that you enjoy and celebrate the days you have off with your friends and family. Most likely this Labor Day you will relax at home, attend a grill-out, or you will treat yourself to a nice meal out and maybe, just maybe, you’ll spot an Eliason door! With the convenience of Eliason being a one-stop shop for restaurant doors, there’s also a great chance that you’ll find more than just one Eliason product. Interior traffic, restroom, office, service, cooler, freezer, strip, gate, café and decorative entrance doors are just some of the Eliason door solutions that we can provide.

Have you ever seen a waitress carrying a large tray, struggling to maneuver through the door? Many Eliason Restaurant Doors come equipped with the Eliason Easy Swing® Hinging System, which requires only gentle pressure to open and automatically closes with a safe and quiet time delay action. Perhaps you’ve witnessed a restaurant that could have used a sound barrier between the kitchen and dining area, Eliason has that covered too! Our number one goal at Eliason is provide the highest quality of products and service for your satisfaction. We hope that if not this holiday weekend, then in the near future you get to witness an Eliason product firsthand. Better yet, we look forward to working with you to create solutions that are both innovative and economical for your very own facility! Whether it’s industrial, food service, supermarkets, department stores, restaurants or walk-in coolers, we can supply a product that is perfect for your application!

Labor Day Restaurant Door

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