Eliason on Being Green

It has always been Eliason’s philosophy to develop products that are sustainable, re-usable, and consume as little material as possible in order to minimize waste and environmental impact. Before the term “green” was in use, Eliason was adamant on producing quality products friendly to the environment.

Eliason utilizes manufacturing processes that do not adversely affect the environment, including developing and improving operations and technologies to minimize waste, prevent air, water and other pollution, minimize health and safety risks, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.

Eliason offers environmentally friendly products that can be recycled and reused. Our products are made of wood, plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum providing the ultimate combination of durability and eco-friendliness. Plus, we have an extensive recycling program to ensure that all waste is recycled. We also work with suppliers that reclaim a substantial portion of the waste generated by their own manufacturing operations.

So be sure to keep Eliason doors in mind when you’re developing your projects. We offer the best-made doors in the business. Give us a call (800-828-3655) or reach out to us via email, FaceBook or Twitter to discuss the possibilities!


Hawaii Escaped Hurricane Iselle

Fortunately, Hawaii escaped hurricane Iselle as the storm was downgraded to a tropical storm just before making landfall on the Big Island last night. However, the outer bands of the storm reached the eastern part of the island, bringing wind gusts as fast as 65 mph. Hurricane Iselle grounded flights, closed government offices, closed tourist areas and left grocery store shelves empty as people prepared for the worst.

The last time Hawaii was hit with a Hurricane was in September 1992. Hurricane Iniki caused $2 billion in damages. In case you didn’t know, Eliason FSR-9000 storm rated doors and frames are designed for installations in high wind coastal applications and have received the Florida Building Code (FBC) approval for such applications.

Eliason FSR-9000 fiberglass storm rated door meets following criteria:
IMPACT TEST (High Velocity Zones Wind pressure 70+/- PSF)
TAS 201 Large missile impact
TAS 202 Uniform static air pressure
TAS 203 Cycle wind pressure load

Plus, the Eliason FSR-9000 fiberglass door is corrosion resistant and the only choice for harsh environments. Eliason FSR-9000 corrosion resistant interior and exterior doors and frames are designed to survive in corrosive environments. They will never rot or corrode. The doors feature structural pultruded fiberglass components that are permanently bonded to the face sheets and core material. The entire door panel is seamless eliminating the possibility of delamination. FRP blocking is used for internal reinforcement at the hinge locations, creating a resilient and dependable panel. The FSR-9000 door comes with a standard gel coat exterior that can be matte or a fine pebble textured finish.

Eliason FSR-9000 Storm Rated Door

Eliason FSR-9000 Storm Rated Door

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